Creating art has always been a passion of mine. I was raised in a family that valued many different forms of art: live, visual, and musical. I developed a deep appreciation of art early in life. My work encompasses many mediums including clay, fabric, paint, beading, and wire. The best result is often a mixture of materials and techniques.


My art is an expression of my experiences with people and my surrounding environment. It is not unusual for me to be cooking dinner and think of a new casserole dish design or to be having coffee with a neighbor and sketch out a unique mug shape. My garden offers me endless inspiration with its ever-changing foliage and blossoms. Through the use of journals, sketches, and models, I push myself to create new functional and decorative art pieces. My pinnacle of satisfaction is the result of being able to bring an abstract idea or drawing through the process of creating a finished piece of art upon which I am proud to sign my name. ~Eleanor Billian